I AM LIGHT, The Field of Universal Knowledge, is the Frequency of Love and Light that we are, experienced vibrating in Energy Consciousness.

On December 21 in 2012, the Maya Calendar ended after a period of 25.920 years.

This also means we have entered a brand new cycle of 25.920 years.
What is the difference between these two huge Time cycles and what does this mean for humanity?
What is this Big Transition changing in us and since you are here now, being human on earth, ask yourself this question:
Who Am I in this Big Transition?

Energy Consciousness gives us the key to all answers we want to know.

Energy Consciousness gives us a complete awareness of who we are, where we are coming from and where we’re going to.

Energy Consciousness gives us the knowledge of Universal systems and structures.

Energy Consciousness heals our woundings and karma and builds up our potential.

Energy Consciousness is Oneness Consciousness, the frequency of Love and Light that we are, where we feel who we Are and reflect this to others. It’s the place where recognize, meet and feel each other as One:

I AM LIGHT, the Field of Universal Knowledge.