New Era Coaching

Be a coach or be coached!

On this page you can choose to become a New Era Coach by signing up for the New Era Coaching Academy, or you can plan a meeting with one of our qualified New Era Coaches to help you find your potential and show you the miracle you are. 

How it works...

First, decide if you want to become a New Era Coach or if you want to plan a New Era Coaching session for yourself. 

New Era Coaching Academy

New Era Private Coaching

New Era Coaching Academy | 2 Years

Starts: You can start any date you like

Price: 3600€

What is the difference between Coaching and New Era Coaching?

Who can be New Era Coach?

We have two kind of New Era Coaches.

All New Era Coaches are certified I AM LIGHT practitioners, which means they joined two years the I AM LIGHT and coaching Journey.

How to become a New Era Coach?

New Era Private Coaching | Sessions

Starts: Choose any date that suits you best


30 Minute session: 54€

1 Hour Session: 99€

New Era Coaching

A New Era Coach is able to see your potential and reflect the miracle you are. If you feel stuck, emotionally depressed or stressed or captured in your painbody, a New Era Coach can guide you through your pain body so that you can heal your woundings and Lightens up your Light body, by seeing your beauty and the pure Love of your soul.
A new Era Coach shows you the way home, mirrors you in Energy Consciousness and guides you in unconditional love and support through your live themes.

Who are the coaches?

We have specialized New Era Coaches, only available for their expertise, to guide you through specific areas of need and we have general New Era Coaches, who are professionally trained and certified therapists, psychologists, coaches, healer and readers, who all have skills to support you in depth of your process. All New Era Coaches are certified I AM LIGHT practitioners.

New Era Coaches both work online and live. Long distance is no problem.