Are you willing to invest a month in yourself? To discover what gives you energy and what drains your energy?

The ‘FIND MY OWN VIBRATION’ Challenge is not a diet with restrictions or a protocol. What we do is: We distinguish between what gives your body energy and what drains it. We eliminate anything that costs your body more energy to digest than it provides in nutritional value and vibration.

This creates a reset in our system, not only making us reevaluate ourselves but also everything we need. ‘FINDING MY OWN VIBRATION’ is more than a health challenge: It is the ability to increasingly tune into what we need to turn on our own sparkling energy.

Practically, what do we do for that?

3 to 4 times a week, we do Sacred Yoga Meditation (1 hour of Self-healing).

Movement, breathing, guided meditation, and daily activation of your Light Pillar create a great foundation for our new lifestyle and your Creation and Manifestation.

For 30 days, we exclusively consume vibrating food: No sugar, no chemical additives, no processed food, no wheat & gluten, no animal proteins (so no meat and dairy), and no indulgences like coffee, black tea, alcohol, tobacco, cannabis & drugs.

Every day, we walk for at least half an hour outside, connecting with nature and taking a photo to share. Walking and being in nature bring peace to the mind, space to the heart, and balance to the body. Taking a photo makes us pause to appreciate the small yet significant wonders of nature.

Every day, we drink a fresh green smoothie of at least 250 cl (a cup). Adding chlorophyll and electrolytes provides a tremendous boost in energy and vitality, contributing to the detoxification of our bodies.

Community platform: Here, we share experiences and processes, stimulating and inspiring each other.

Our tools are: Nutrition, Movement, Breathing, Meditation, Visualization, and Creativity.

This combination of elements strengthens and empowers each other. It helps us become aware of what food is, what movement does to us, how breathing brings us to and keeps us in ourselves, and how meditation and visualization put us in the flow of Creation and Manifestation that we truly are.

Movement releases everything that is stuck. That’s why we walk outside in nature for at least half an hour every day and do Yoga; it’s hard to hold onto something when we keep moving it.

By eliminating toxic substances, we destress the body. That’s why we eat 80% vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, and 20% other things, but for 28 days, no sugars, no alcohol, no dairy, no wheat, no animal proteins. After getting rid of withdrawal symptoms and breaking the dependence, we feel how relaxed we are and how stressful much of the food is for our bodies.
Through breathing, focus, and meditation, we enter our own ‘flow’. That’s why we start the day with Sacred Yoga Meditation, where we manifest and create from relaxation, play, and self-love. Contact with our breath and the Earth’s breath makes us feel centered and grounded.

By consuming more vegetables and fruits, we increase our electromagnetic power and self-healing ability by making our bodies alkaline. That’s why we drink a green smoothie every day and eat as many unprocessed organic vegetables and fruits as possible.
By detoxing from recreating in front of a screen, we make time for real re-creation. We dedicate 30 hours this month to our creativity and playfulness, in any way we choose. We use our screens only for necessities. By investing in what we love doing, a process begins that connects us with our soul’s longing.

Requirements for the challenge:

A diary to track our process or a printer to print and fill out this E-book. We keep it A-4 so you can keep all documents in a folder.

A blender for making smoothies and soup (warm smoothies).

A Facebook account for connection to our platform for inspiration and support.

Time, commitment, and energy to invest in yourself for a month.

We create a clear agenda with a schedule that is personally achievable for each of us in advance.